The Accepted Stamps Showing a Plate number 77

Illustrated below are the ten accepted stamps showing a Plate number 77. This of course includes the three stamps on the Victor Hugo cover which have been demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt to be genuine.

The stamps are:

Stamp AB – Acquired by King George V in 1919. Resides  in The Royal Collection.

Stamp AC– The ‘Nissen’ copy. Found in 1919 by Chas Nissen. Its whereabouts are unknown.

Stamp BA– The ‘Tapling’ example.  Bequeathed to the British Museum and resides in The British Library.

Stamp LL– The ‘Phillips’ example. Found in 1906. Resides in the UK.

Stamp MI– Discovered in 1944 and resurfaced recently. Sold in 2016 for £495,000.

Stamp PH– The ‘Fletcher’ example. Found in 1924 and now resides in The British Library.

Stamp PI– The ‘Isleham’ example. Found in 1920 and sold in 2013 for £550,000.

Stamps PL/SK and SL– The Victor Hugo cover.