The two RPSL opinions stating that the Hugo cover was faked are now

“returned and treated as void, that is, not to have been issued”

There are now no Expert Certificates issued from anywhere stating the piece, and all 3 stamps are anything other than fully genuine. 

The cover now stands completely unchallenged, as far as its authenticity is concerned.  

The UK’s Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL) had previously issued two certificates of opinion in 2006 and 2014 which declared the cover a fake.

In the January-February 2019 issue of their London Philatelist magazine, the RPSL published that these two earlier certificates: “were returned and treated as void, that is, not to have been issued, and the submission fees refunded.” 

Three highly respected, long established and fully recognised Expertisation Committees have formally issued Photo Certificates of genuineness for the item based on close and detailed examination and after studying the forensic and scientific reports. It should be noted that these three certificates were issued afterwards and in the full knowledge of the original negative RPSL opinion which the RPSL now confirms is voided.